The end of 2016 brought upon the completion of a body of work some two years in progress. I didn’t necessarily know that it was going to be a body of work until the last bits were polished, photographed and all thrown into a room together. I had the opportunity to participate in Art Basel, a major art fair held in Miami, FL each December. It was in a large tent called Spectrum. It was at this small, 8×10′ booth where I finally saw these completed works at once, an album of songs played all the way through, on stage for the world to observe. The reception was grande, I can’t imagine how many thousands of people came through the booth and had great things to say. The In Abandon book has also been in circulation: I can say that over 70 copies are out there in the right hands. They are still available in the store should you like a copy. I’m planning several more shows of this collection throughout the east coast, the first will be at Paris on Ponce in Atlanta the first weekend of March. Hope to see you there!!