As a teenager, I adopted the phrase ‘expect the unexpected’ as a mantra that continually confirmed the nature of dealing with the world, but particularly dealings with art. Whether it was the things I found, places I found myself, or the results of my experiments, it gave me a perspective that allowed me to cope with just how ridiculous reality could be. About a year and a half ago, I found a bunch of panels of security glass from an old bank leaning in a dumpster. Today, I see a fragment of that find on the cover of an Orlando-based arts and culture magazine along with my nude figure. That raw material has wound up in several works, but it’s the #BulletproofDimebag which just barely covers my junk on that rag’s front. I’m beyond thrilled and thankful for this opportunity. Amongst others, Matt Duke and Jonathan Yubi are the founders of the magazine which are responsible, and Adrienne Lee wrote the article about my work. She did a wonderful job. I was certainly nervous about how the whole thing would transpose, but it’s been very well received, as far as I can tell. Scott White, a local legend/tattoo artist said, “It doesn’t get any more rock and roll than that,” which I can’t help but believe. Check out the link below for the full article, and make sure to grab a hard copy!

“In his universe, Hartley is a punk sage endowed with the understanding of how quickly a civilization crumbles under its obsession with superficial systems and ideologies. Knowing this, he is charged with the task of delivering humankind in this universe from its own demise—self-destruction via mass consumption.” -Adrienne Lee